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What Is Hypnosis?                                                                              Hypnosis involves being in the most relaxed state of mind with a completely natural deep physical and mental relaxation. You enter a heightened state of awareness where your subconscious mind opens and accepts only positive suggestions. Hypnosis is not sleep; you are always in control and accept only those suggestions that are beneficial to you. You’ll remember everything that you said during hypnosis and are aware of everything that happened; you are in control. During the hypnosis session, the hypnotist or hypno-counselors (NJ) role is that of a guide that helps you clearly identify your problem by facilitating in tapping your own inner wisdom. A hypnotist does not provide you with answers; you find your own answers. Hypnosis simply helps guide you to results and can be seen as a path you follow instead of wandering through a garden alone.

With hypnosis you can:

Reduce weight
Stop smoking
Accelerate physical healing
Improve self-esteem
Sleep better
Reduce stress
Expand creativity
Release phobias
Relieve test anxiety
Improve sports performance

and much more!


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