The Balancing Heart Energy originates in the Sacred Heart. It is an energy accessible to anyone who desires more balance in their lives. It balances our inner vision with our heart¹s original intent, bringing more equilibrium between our divine and earthly nature.

Imbalance happens when we, or any being (animals, plants, our planet), become disconnected from the oneness, the union, or the perfect balance between the divine and the matter that makes this world possible. Everything around us has an origin in the divine (the breath of life) and in matter (the earthly, the material we are made from, what surrounds us). Balance happens when there is harmony or union between them.

When one of these is disconnected, imbalance happens. What binds everything back together, in the oneness, is the love that creates everything, the love of the Sacred Heart.

In the Balancing Heart Energy, the heavenly represents the breath of life, and the earthly represents the matter. The Balancing Heart Energy opens our inner vision and our heart to an awareness that we are one with Heaven and Earth. In other words, true balance happens when our spiritual divinity coexist with our earthly everyday life, and vice versa. This ancient energy system has reawakened at this time to help bring balance to any being including our mother Earth by reviving our awareness, by shifting our consciousness from being a bystander to a co-creator of the New Consciousness*.

This awareness is reawakened by reestablishing an energetic connection to the Balancing Heart Energy. The first step is to open your heart and be willing to express more love and gratitude in your daily life. The second step is to receive an energetic Guiding Star and the Balancing Symbol. The Balancing Heart Energy will then connect your third eye to your spiritual heart. The Balancing Symbol will be placed in your forehead. This symbol offers protection from fear and despair by opening a path for a clearer, balanced inner vision and intuition. This helps to remind you that you are connected to a balanced and loving energy that binds the divine and the earthly.

To strengthen the connection to this energy you are required to express love and gratitude to your world, to both the divine and the earthly. This is easily done by bringing to your awareness words and feelings of love and gratitude throughout your day. For example, before you have a meal, close your eyes and express your gratitude to the soil that nourished the vegetables you are about to eat, to the sunshine that allowed all chemical processes to take place, to the water, to the breath of life, to God, for allowing life to permeate these vegetables, to the people who tended the field  . . . and for one minute allow the feeling of love and gratitude to become alive in you. Feel the miracle of life in your heart, and then say thank you to heaven, to earth, and to everyone in between that participated in bringing your meal to you. In the same manner, you can do the same with everything that surrounds you, your chair, your clothes, etc. At this moment, there is an urgent call to bring as much balance as possible to our mother Earth; and now I have been directed to start building an Energy Grid that will aid in the restoration of the Earth¹s balance. Everyone is being called to participate; but if you have a strong spiritual practice, then you¹ll be able to participate even further. Or if you wish, you can just connect to the Grid and feed it with your love and gratitude.

The Earths Grid requires us to become the connectors that make this grid possible; the grid is fed with love and gratitude. If you desire to become a connector then you¹ll need to receive the Balancing Symbol first, then you can receive your energetic Guiding Star. A connector is able to bring and use the energy of love and gratitude to connect the divine and the eartly. A connector embraces both, and in this way they embrace you back. As a connector you are required to feed the grid with gratitude as often as you can.


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